Dentures at Fairhope Bay Dental

Fairhope Bay Dental serves hundreds of patients with dentures. If you are needing new dentures, denture replacements, or modifications, we can help.

Many patients, however, have found dental implants to be a better fit for them, especially if you have issues with bone loss (as dentures can increase bone loss). Another option is mini-dental implants, which are very affordable (over half the cost of regular implants), very easy to place, and minimally invasive.
Get in touch with our office to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Djuric, who can evaluate you and give you some options best suited for your specific case!


What Our Patients Have to Say

I have never had such great customer service! I needed new dentures and they had them ready for me to try in the very next day. Love this kind of service and friendliness. Thank you!

- Miriam Carter, SC

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